Tesla’s offering a new, more affordable version of Roadster Gen 2 – Roadshow

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Enlarge ImageIt may be tiny, jual karpet masjid but it’s for sure the only Tesla Roadster we can afford.

Tesla The hype surrounding Tesla’s second-generation Roadster is palpable, but the fact is that most of us mortals will never be able to afford one since it’s likely to cost somewhere north of $200,000.

But Tesla isn’t staffed by a bunch of dummies, they know that if they offer a lower-cost version, people will come in droves. That’s why the automaker’s come out with this totally sweet $250 1:18 scale die-cast version. 

But this is no ordinary die-cast, bud. This one has tons of cool features to justify its exorbitant price tag, such as functional steering, a removable roof panel and an interior that has actual carpet in it. Other highlights of the model include fabric seatbelts and fully opening doors and trunks.

Jokes aside, we do think it’s cool that Tesla has used the actual CAD files for the full-size car to create this model, so provided that the company didn’t cheap out on its production — it doesn’t look like it did — it should be a reasonably accurate representation of the car we’ll see in… well, who even knows how many years at this point.

This bad boy was way, way too expensive to make it into our affordable gift guide this year, but if you have a Tesla fanatic in the house and you don’t mind shelling out serious quiche for a toy car, this is a pretty choice gift.