Tesla Cybertruck is going ‘plaid’ and will be Musk’s future ride

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A Plaid Cybertruck is apparently in the pipeline.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

“Plaid” has become a term synonymous with Tesla to represent the highest performing model or performance mode. Of course, Used Semi Trucks the term itself is actually a reference to the parody film Spaceballs, Used Semi Trucks but Tesla’s always been a quirky company, to say the least.

Well, plaid is likely headed to another area of Tesla after CEO Elon Musk spoke out. On Thursday, Musk replied to a Twitter thread and proclaimed that a “Plaid Cybertruck is what I’ll drive.” We literally have zero additional information on what plaid means here, but Musk has a decent track record of spilling the beans on future Tesla features and vehicles via Twitter.

The automaker didn’t return Roadshow’s request for comment on Musk’s mention.