Tremun Piercing About Us

Tremun is a body jewelry company whose main mission is to professionalize Body Piercing industry; a paradigm shift in piercing studios around the world. Tremun was born recognizing everyday needs of professional piercers and identifying new trends in the industry, drawing on years of piercing experience to produce high-quality jewelry and developing models widely accepted by the public.

All our jewelry has internal thread, made of certified titanium F-136, eliminating the possibility of causing any type of negative reaction due to the material. Each piece we produce goes on a thorough additional polishing process to get the highest finishing standards. In addition, our accessories with natural stones, opals or Swarovski crystals are beveled, eliminating the use of glues or resins on them.

Besides our Titanium F-136 jewelry collection, Tremun has developed another parallel line made of Niobium, an almost extinct material in piercing industry, but in recent years has played again a leading role thanks to its malleability and design options. This metal is highly biocompatible, all our pieces are manufactured and polished completely by hand in our workshop, with the option of using natural stones and opals cabochons in each one to accentuate the models.

Our catalog is available for professional body piercing studios and to make shipments easier, we have direct distributors in different parts of the world, ready to advise and answer any questions.

Tremun means to grow in mapudungun, the language from Mapuches, the original indigenous people from the south-central Chile and Argentina. This word reflects our spirit as a small company, founded by a group of body art lovers with broad experience in different disciplines, united to deliver world class product and service

If you have any inquiries about wherever and how to use Tremun Piercing Company, you can contact us at our own internet site.