Why Choose Us

The polishing and finishing of our jewelry is a constant concern. All pieces are subjected to an extra polishing process and revision before being delivered to our clients. Likewise, all our jewelry has a 6-month guarantee, in the event of manufacturing defects. This guarantee begins once the order is received by the studio.

Another fundamental aspect in our jewelry production is the quality of materials. Its Biocompatibility is a crucial issue for development of Tremun, in order to avoid possible adverse body reactions. For this we can assure our clients the exclusive use of first quality materials, in the case of titanium we have current certifications that support the biocompatibility of our jewelry.

All gems used in the production of our jewelry are top quality and we have available zircons, synthetic opals and natural stones. These gems are beveled in the accessories avoiding the use of glue to fix them.

Another relevant characteristic of titanium is the possibility of changing the metal color through a process called anodization. By electrical conduction we generate a pacifying layer that provides a better finish on the surface of the jewelry and a customizable color.

Internal thread and its advantages.

Internal threading is not new in piercing industry. It has been around since the very beginning, specifically with the formation of Gauntlet, the world’s first piercing studio. Being a little more specific we can attribute the first Barbell design with internal thread to Horst Streckenbach, also known as Sammy Tattoo, originally from Frankfurt, Germany.

But what is the importance of internal thread when we pierce? One of the purposes of making a professional piercing, aside of using a needle with specific bevel characteristics, is to generate as less trauma to the tissue as possible. This is pointless if we transfer the jewelry to the body with external thread, due to this damages and tears the tissue, producing an irregular wound that will take longer to heal and many other potential complications.

The internal thread as first application ensures a clean transfer, maintaining the uniformity of the wound produced when we pierce. The endings at the junction between the bar and the accessory prevent tissue debris from remaining in this space, facilitating quicker and better healing.

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