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Casino Premium Rich Gets Richer

Even the”Affiliate Elite” program is among the latest casino poker computer software packages that offers an”Affiliate” eBook which is downloadable right from the web site. The eBook is labeled”The Best Way To Play Poker Like A Pro.” There is a free trial period and after that period of time, should you not make any purchases, then you may keep it and have another ninety times to play free of price. That’s where the scam starts. . .you paid for your eBook, downloaded and did not buy anything, right? That is the specific situation that I fell for.

First, I got an email asking me how I could allow new players know how to play better on the casino site. The second email was a sales letter for a casino”merchandise” company. I opted to start that you too, to find out if I’d get conned. It took approximately thirty minutes to end up with all the purchase. Oh, they all had the exact eBook which I downloaded in the affiliate link. I think they used a wonderful cut of the money too.

I hope this story will help warn others that there is a whole lot of”cheating” and”fraud” going on if it comes to casino premium downloads. I am not saying that is necessarily true, but it’s my view. I have already stopped using these websites and won’t ever return . They are just too irritating.

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