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Juice is considered to be a very important part of our breakfast

Juice is considered to be a very important part of our breakfast. The availability of a plethora of flavors in the market itself speaks for its popularity and also its importance in a healthy diet. Numerous brands are fighting it out to reach the maximum audience. But all the brands of juice that are found in the market have artificial flavors added in them. Some add artificial sweeteners, some add artificial colors. And all this only for one simple reason – business! Just to increase the profits some manufacturers do not hesitate to play with the health of their consumers. Sometimes it is difficult for a consumer to find a complete natural juice, which comes straight from the farm. But for people who have started using noni juice as a part of their daily diet, they need not worry at all!! Because they are using a revolutionary product which holds the potential of changing the health scenario of the human society.

The Andaman Plantations in the Andaman and Nicobar islands present the clear picture about how nature can become the resource of attaining maximum health benefits. Since its inception in 1955, the Andaman Plantations today covers more than 1200 acres of cultivable land found in the islands. Among all the products that the Andaman Plantations manufactures, Noni and its products are the most popular ones not only in the Indian sub-continent, but also in the world.

Noni Capsules, Noni Dried Powder, Noni Juice, Noni Extract, Noni dried fruits are some important products of the Andaman Plantations. The reason why there are so many products with the same raw material Noni lies in the fact that the fruit is regarded as the queen of all medicinal plants. With Xeronine as the vital alkaloid present in the fruit, noni is helpful in strengthening human immune system, tumor inhibition, increasing energy, control stress levels and delivering superior anti-oxidants in the human body.

A 100% natural health drink, Noni juice helps in regulating hormone production in the human body. It also helps in building and strengthening bones, preventing premature ageing and improves cardiovascular health. It also acts as a good anti-oxidant which helps in decreasing the production of bad cholesterol, resulting in the prevention of arteriosclerosis (clogging of arteries). Vitamin C, Iron, Niacin, Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin A and Sodium are the primary constituents of the juice. With no added flavors, noni juice stands to be the most important ingredient in keeping our body fit and healthy. Noni juice is also helpful in reducing weight. So, people who are overweight, noni juice can be a real blessing for them. It helps in increasing physical and sexual performance also. But it should be kept in mind that the Andaman noni is high in potassium. Thus its overdose can be harmful for the kidneys.

As the name suggests, noni dried powder is obtained from ripe noni fruits. Initially these fruits are naturally dried in order to obtain the concentrated form of noni dried fruits. Then the dried noni fruits are powdered for easy storage and consumption. The noni dried powder harbors all the qualities of a fresh noni fruit. It is advisable that the powder be consumed according to the physician’s direction. Blind consumption of the powder may lead to serious setbacks in the human body.

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5 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Flatten Your Tummy

Wholesale Freeze Dried Fruits - Freeze Dried Fruits ...The best way to tone and flatten your belly is with a mixture of effective belly trimming exercises and a healthy and balanced diet. But your time spent exercising is going to be a complete waste of time if you’re not mindful of what you’re eating. This is because a number of foods activate bloating or add fat to your stomach, making it hard to lose those extra pounds.

Here are 5 foods that you need to stay clear of, or at the very least only eat occasionally, if you want to flatten your belly and get the figure that you want.

1. Processed Foods.

Watch out for foods that come in a box, can, bag or carton. Processed foods are usually packed with chemicals, sugar and salt to improve their flavour and prolong their shelf life. The chemicals and salt in processed foods increase your appetite and also cause bloating while the sugar adds extra calories that increases your body fat levels. The best foods to eat are ‘real’ foods that are whole and unprocessed.

2. Fast Food.

One of the best ways to flatten your belly is to steer clear of fast foods. A single fast-food meal typically contains 1,000 calories or more, has very little nutritional value and contains high levels of harmful trans fats. The large amount of calories causes excess fat to be stored around your tummy and fast foods can make you feel lethargic when you exercise.

3. Dried Fruit.

A lot of people think that because dried fruits are healthy and natural that they are are foods that help flatten your belly. but, as opposed to fresh fruits which are mainly water and low in calories, dried fruits consist of large quantities of sugar and are loaded in calories. There effect on your body is similar to sweets and candy and eating too many can really set back your flat stomach efforts.

4. Sweets And Candy.

Most of us know that sweets and candy contain a high quantity of calories and deliver very little nutritional value. The excessive calories in these treats cause fat to build up around your tummy. The high sugar content also causes your blood glucose levels to abruptly crash and surge. This lowers your energy levels and raises your appetite which makes you more likely to overindulge.

5. Refined Grains.

Refined grains include foods like white flour, white bread and white rice. When they are processed they are stripped of their vitamins, minerals and, most importantly, most of their fibre. This is done to give grains a finer texture and improve their shelf life. You more likely to stay hungry after eating refined grains as they contain very little fibre. Also, refined grains slow down your metabolism.

Flour Insects and Pests

A common flour, pasta and cereal pest is the saw-toothed grain beetle. Various other species of beetles are also common pantry pests and infest a wide variety of food items. Cigarette beetles and drugstore beetles are occasional pests, but they prefer vietnam dried fruit plant materials such as herbs and spices.

A few of these insects may be present but go unnoticed. The pests are usually not noticed in the home until they become abundant.

How do these pests get into our food? Occasionally, some may find their way inside from outdoors; however, the majority of these pests are in food products brought into the home. The initial infestation can originate at the processing plant, the warehouse, the delivery vehicle, or the retail store (chances of becoming infested increase the longer a food item is stored at the same location).

Opening a bag of flour and noticing the contents crawling with little bugs is horrifying, but it happens. Throwing out the bag will not necessarily solve the problem and you may find frequent occurrences.

The secret is starving the pests and their access to food is a thorough cleaning job. Here’s how to reclaim your pantry and get bug-free…

Cleaning Tips:

Remove everything from the shelves and wash the entire area well with a bleach and water solution (about 1/4 cup bleach per gallon of hot water), wear rubber gloves and use a scrub brush so that you can get into any cracks and corners. Wash both top and bottom of each shelf, all walls and the floor.

Keep the door open to let the space dry completely (overnight) before adding stock back to the shelves. Wait until the room is no longer humid from the washing before re-stocking the shelves.

Check all food boxes and bags for contamination, throw out those that are infested or those you’re unsure about (bag and cart out to the garbage immediately–don’t keep in the house) and put the rest in the freezer for 5 days before returning to the shelves.

Preventive Steps:

Keep all flour, cereals, rice, pasta, starch foods in canisters, glass jars with sealed lids or airtight plastic containers.

Stack a few natural repellents on the shelves in between groceries.

Freeze new dry food staples for 4 or 5 days before storing (to kill the larvae and eggs).

Keep a bay leaf or two in the flour canister and crushed bay leaves sprinkled throughout the pantry (weevils don’t like them).

Watch For:

Drips and spills from syrups, honey, etc.–wash off immediately or you will attract ants and other insects.

Once you notice an infestation and have done a thorough cleaning job, keep a diligent eye on your stock. Each time you notice a weevil or other pest, empty the cupboards and shelves again, wash everything well and repeat the steps above until you are bug-free. There’s no way around it, you have to remove every single egg & larvae or they will grow in numbers until you do.

For more useful tips or assistance in the control of this pest, check our main page here:

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Space-grown lettuce is perfectly fine for NASA astronauts to eat, scientists say

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NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson shows off some leafy greens grown on the International Space Station. Astronauts also used the Veggie system to grow cabbage.


Rejoice, astronauts! Fresh leafy greens are on the approved space menu alongside the usual selection of sanitized, freeze-vietnam dried fruit and prepackaged meals. 

A new study published Friday in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science scrutinized lettuce grown on the International Space Station and concluded it’s perfectly safe for astronauts to eat. It’s also just as nutritious as lettuce grown on Earth.

NASA’s Veggie system, which acts like a microgravity greenhouse, arrived on the space station in 2014. Astronauts first nibbled on space-grown “Outredgeous” red romaine lettuce in 2015 after cleaning it with sanitizing wipes. The crew sent samples back to Earth for study, and has continued to grow vegetables on the space station.

Food in space

Space station experiment makes meat in microgravity using a 3D bioprinter

Astronauts could one day eat goo made from their poo

The researchers found that lettuce grown in space is very similar to control plants grown on Earth. In some trials “space-grown plant tissue tended to be richer in elements such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulphur and zinc, as well as in phenolics, molecules with proven antiviral, anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity,” the Frontiers publisher said in a release Friday.

NASA is keen to develop delicious and nutritious fresh food sources for astronauts on long-term missions to the moon or Mars. The space station also hosted a 3D-printed meat experiment in 2019, which raises visions of some pretty classy future meals in zero gravity.

“Future tests will study other types of leafy crops as well as small fruits like pepper and tomatoes, to help provide supplemental fresh produce for the astronaut diet,” said study co-author Gioia Massa, project scientist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. 

Astronauts are moving ever closer to a full-on space salad complete with toppings. 

Dry Fruits For A Healthy Life

Do you like snacking on dry fruits? If you do, convert your liking to a habit. It is a well known fact that dry fruits contain a wide array of minerals and essential nutrients. As a rich source of vitamins, proteins, fibres, and minerals, these vietnam dried fruit delights can give plenty of reasons for including them in your daily diet. This article will speak about the health benefits of dry fruits in India.

Prevents heart disease

Nuts such as, cashews contain mono unsaturated fat (good fat) that helps to improve cardiovascular health. Vitamin B6 of pistachios helps to prevent several heart-related issues, while dates hep to lower the risk of stroke. It is advised to go for limited amounts of dry fruits regularly for best results. An important thing to note in this regard is the fact that having different types of dry fruits in small quantities is always better than having more of a single type.

Prevents anaemia and stimulates the growth of blood cells

Dry fruits such as, prunes, apricots, and raisins have high levels of iron that helps to prevent anaemia. It is also said that dry fruits are the most natural weapon for weight management, as they have perfect levels of minerals and nutrients.

Keeps cholesterol in check

Cashew nuts do not contain any cholesterol, whereas, pistachios contain good fat that helps to reduce cholesterol levels. Almonds and raisins help to boost the circulatory system by enhancing the blood flow. It is advised to have small amounts of almond, pistachio, and raisin regularly for successfully maintaining cholesterol levels.

Improves haemoglobin level

Dry fruits can help to boost the general energy level. Almonds and some nuts help to produce new blood cells and are extremely effective in maintaining the haemoglobin level. If you have a low haemoglobin count, make sure to have limited amount of almonds daily.

Good for most body organs

Dry fruits boast the perfect blend of vitamin B, unsaturated fat, copper, phosphorus, and iron. These elements are very important for proper body functioning. Raisins are a rich source of vitamin A and calcium that help in enhancing bone formation and preventing weakening of vision.

Snack on dry fruits in India for a long healthy life. These little wonders have magical impact when it comes to maintaining and promoting health. It is strongly advised to choose these over the usual high-calorie snacks. Modern technology has allowed consumers to buy authentic high-quality dry fruits in India. You can now choose from the wide range of flavoured dry fruits offered by numerous sellers, thanks to eCommerce websites. What are you waiting for? Order your pack of special dry fruits from the comfort of your home today.

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