When was Framing Hanley created

Framing Hanley was created in 2005.

Who writes the music for Framing Hanley?

Al songs written by Framing Hanley.

How do you pronounce framing hanley?

Its Framing Like A Picture Fram And Hanley Is LIke Han-Ley Its Framing Like A Picture Fram And Hanley Is LIke Han-Ley

When was the song ‘Lollipo’ by Framing Hanley released?

Framing Hanley is an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, that was formed in 2005. The song ‘Lollipo’ by Framing Hanley was released in November of 2008.

How many albums does framing Hanley have?

Framing Hanley has two albums: The Moment and A Promise To Burn. Before they changed their name to Framing Hanley, they were know as Embers Fade; Embers Fade released one album: Servants Of The Sacred Fire.

Who sings the rock song lick you like a lollipop?

its Framing Hanley…..and if you want to downlode it you can go to situs judi slot online mudah menang and search for framing hanley lollipop remix

Who is Ashley Helen Hanley?

A friend of the Tennessee based band Framing Hanley who passed away in a car wreck. Upon her death the band’s members decided to memorialize her by naming their band Framing Hanley.

Who covered lollipop?

Framing Hanley

Do you have anything against framing hanley?

No I don’t have anything against Framing Hanley because there music is legit/tight and Kenneth Nixon (there lead singer) is totally hot 🙂

Are Framing Hanley making a new album?

Yeah, framing hanley simply make a new album. It’s always been like that and that’s the way it will no doubt stay

What is a good website about framing hanley?

If You Wanna Find Out Stuff About Them ,Search Them in The Wikipedia..Or Go Ontowwwzperiodzmyspacezperiodzcom/framinghanley For Their MyySpace… & For Their Twitter It’s wwwzperiodztwitterzperiodzcom/Framinghanley These Are Good Sites Of & About Framing Hanley 🙂

How do you call by phone framing hanley?

Get their number and call them.

Where is the band Framing Hanley from?

White House, TN

What genre is Framing Hanley?

post grunge/hardcore

Is framing hanley christians?

Framing Hanley is not a Christian band. The have made it clear in an interview with Tune Lab. Kenneth Nixon clearly states, “We are not a Christian band.” See related link below.

Did Nixon leave framing hanley?

No, I can guarantee he has not or has plans too.

What genre would Framing Hanley and All Time Low be considered?

Well the two bands are different genres but All Time Low is considered Pop Punk and Framing Hanley is kind of Alternative Rock.

When did Framing Hanley released their first album?

Framing Hanley is an American rock brand coming from Tennessee. It was formed in 2005 and their first album was released in August 2007. It was entitles ‘The Moment’. Their best known song is ‘Hear Me Now’.

How tall is Nixon from framing hanley?

Definitely not 5’11” More like 5’7″.

What is chris vest from framing hanley home town?

White House, TN

How did framing hanley meet?

Framing Hanley initially played a blend of post-grunge and stylish hard rock under the name Embers Fade. High-school friends Chris Vest (drums) and Luke McDuffe (bass) met vocalist Kenneth Nixon upon entering college, while guitarists Brandon Wooten and Tim Huskinson joined the lineup soon after. They later changed their name to framing Hanley as a tribute/to commemorate their friend Ashley Hanley who was killed in a car accident.

Does Nixon from Framing Hanley have a girlfriend?

Yea, her name is April Tamez and she’s 27.

What is the name of the singer of framing hanley?

Kenneth Nixon. I love him so much 3

What is Ryan Belcher from framing hanley girlfriend name?

He does not have a girlfriend according to his Facebook page.

Who is Kenneth Nixon Framing Hanley girlfriend Kelsey Hanson?

No, her name is April Tamez.

What was the cover bands name that did Lil Wayne’s lollipop on 89.7 the river?

Framing Hanley

Does kenneth Nixon of framing hanley have any brothers or sisters?

yes. He has two brothers!

What type of band are Framing Hanley?

Big band/jazz. inspired by mombo no. 5

What happen to Tim Huskinson from framing hanley?

He is no longer in Parabelle. He has a new project My Premonition.

What were the names of the three ships that came to howick?

lil’wayne,britney spears, noxin(framing hanley)

Who is the blonde girl in framing hanley video of lollipop?

she is the drummers gf…her name is Krystal Miller.

Who sings lollipop the remix?

Framing Hanley sings the Lollipop remix, if its the one that I’m thinking of.

Who did the rock version of lollipop?

I think the rock version of lollipop was made by the band Framing Hanley.

How many songs does framing hanley have?

So far, they have 12 songs on there first CD The Moment.

Which rock band did a cover song for 50cents candy shop?

Framing Hanley but it is called Lollipop. 🙂

How can you contact Framing Hanley?


How did framing hanley get their name?

the band was called a different name, Embers Fade. Nixon stated that “our drummer’s fiancée Ashley Hanley passed away in October of 2006. She was a best friend of the rest of the band, and they wanted to do something to somewhat honor her. She used to take pictures for our band, hence ‘framing.’

What is the name of the girl framing hanley kisses in lolli pop?

April Tamez, AKA Nixon’s fiancee.

What is a better rock group framing hanley or escape the fate?

I can’t choose, they’re both amazing!

Who is Brandon wooten?

Brandon Wooten is one of the guitarists for the band Framing Hanley, he’s actually amazing!

Who is the lead singer of Framing Hanley?

Kenneth Wayne Nixon, but he goes by just “Nixon” He is 23 and lives in Nashville 🙂

Who is that girl in framing hanley video of lollipop?

i think her name is April Tamez…she’s Nixon’s (singer) girlfriend

Who sings the lyrics shorty want to go with the o drawn out?

Its shorty wanna thug and its Lollipop by Framing Hanley

Was lollipop made by framing hanley first?

nope it seems it was made by lil Wayne first. heres a link website

What is valerie Nixon’s favorite song?

Never Too Late by Three Days Grace Stupid Girl by Framing Hanley

Does Framing Hanley Drummer Chris Vest have a girlfriend?

Yes he does. Her name is Krystl, she is a photographer from Nashville, TN. They are now married.

When was Hanley Wood created?

Hanley Wood was created in 1976.

When was Hanley Park created?

Hanley Park was created in 1896.

Band members of framing hanley?

(Kenneth) Nixon / Vocals. Chris / Drummer. Luke / Bassist. Brandon / Guitar. Ryan / Guitar.

How old are the guys from framing hanley?

Ryan is 20 Brandon is 25 Chris is 23 Nixon is 23 Luke is 23 (not positive on him)

What song says .. now my body’s on the floor and i am calling and im calling out to you can you hear me now..?

Framing Hanley – Hear Me Now.


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