Sorry, the extinct Tasmanian tiger has not been spotted in the wilds of Australia

After years studying the icy waters of the Southern Ocean with floating robotic monitors, a consortium of oceanographers and other researchers is deploying them across the planet, from the north Pacific to the Indian Ocean. The project known as the Global Ocean Biogeochemistry Array, or GO-BGC, started in March with the launch of the first of 500 new floating robotic monitors containing computers, hydraulics, batteries and an array of sensors scientists say will relay a more comprehensive picture of the ocean and its health.

MI5 promises the account, @mi5official, will ‘bust popular myths about its work, provide explainers for intelligence terminology, promote career opportunities and bring to life events in MI5’s 112-year past’.

The late Prince Roger Nelson’s sister Tyka – who shares one-sixth of his estate – a childhood snap of the pair and wrote to his fans: ‘Thank u ALL 4 ur continued love & support it means the world 2 me! 4Ever Prince.’

“There’s evidence that we are breathing it, ingesting it in our foods. There’s lots of studies showing it’s in our water, it’s in our food products,” said Scott Wilson, research director of the Australian Microplastic Assessment Project (AUSMAP).

The post-credits scene sees former SHIELD agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) — who’d been on the run since helping the fugitive Steve Rogers, Sam and Bucky in Captain America: Civil War — getting a pardon from the US government. On the face of it, that definitely seems like the right call, but we know Sharon has gone to the dark side.

Earlier in the episode, it was confirmed that the ludicrously suspicious Sharon was Power Broker, the mysterious power behind criminal island Madripoor and the one responsible for giving the Flag Smashers their powers.

The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

Antiviral remdesivir appears safe for children

‘I have so many conversations with you, but even more so this last year. Thank you for keeping the channel open. I wonder what you’d say about things. The pandemic. The protests and gun violence. About George Floyd and the city of Minneapolis. I think we’d talk about the big difference between accountability and justice.’

The Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, is something of a mythic creature in Australian folklore. Unlike, say, the Chupacabra, it was a real beast, but the last documented animal — Benjamin — died in captivity in 1936. In the 85 years since, tiger sightings have been constantly reported in Tasmania, an island off the south coast of Australia. Claims are an almost monthly feature in the local press, but there’s a bold, new declaration suggesting “not ambiguous” evidence for the existence of the thylacine. 

Working with a 3-dimensional computer model of “Trix”, a female T. rex skeleton at the Dutch Naturalis medieval torture museum, researcher Pasha van Bijlert added computer reconstructions of muscles and ligaments to find that it’s likely that the dinosaur’s preferred speed was 4.61 kms (2.86 miles) an hour, close to the walking pace of humans and horses.

“Start lining up our buyers. Super Soldiers might be off the menu, but we’re about to have full access to government secrets, prototype weapons, you name it,” she tells a contact over the phone after being pardoned. “There should be something for everyone.”

The UK’s spy network also includes the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – better known as MI6 and home of the world’s most famous fictional spook, 007 James Bond – as well as cybersecurity agency GCHQ.

Meanwhile, would-be Captain America successor John Walker (Wyatt Russell) is on a new path after being stripped of his title for publicly killing a helpless Flag Smasher. Empowered by the Super Soldier Serum, he’s got a mysterious new boss and has forged his own shield.

space agency said on Wednesday. The unprecedented extraction of oxygen, literally out of thin air on Mars, was achieved Tuesday by an experimental device aboard Perseverance, a six-wheeled science rover that landed on the Red Planet Feb. 18 after a seven-month journey from Earth.

It comes just days after MI5 warned that social media was being used by foreign spies to target more than 10,000 British officials and other nationals with access to classified or sensitive information. 

The UK’s spy network also includes the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – better known as MI6 and home of the world’s most famous fictional spook, 007 James Bond – as well as cybersecurity agency GCHQ. 

In Australia, there have been calls to resurrect the extinct creatures for over two decades. In 1999, paleontologist Michael Archer took over as director of the Australian Museum and committed around $57 million to a project that could clone the iconic marsupial from old specimens.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Neil Waters, president of the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia, claims to have rediscovered the thylacine on a camera trap set up in north-east Tasmania. “I know what they are and so do a few independent expert witnesses,” he says as he walks down the street with a can of beer in his hand.